Confined Space Awareness

On Arrangement

This half day course is aimed at Safety Managers/Supervisors/Permit issuers/Operatives
The course material and handouts are used in conjunction with the Confined Spaces Regulations 1997, associated legislation and Approved Codes of Practices (ACOP updated 2009).


This course is designed for Safety Managers/Supervisors/Permit issuers/Operatives who require an understanding of confined spaces.

Please Note - the Awareness Course is NOT suitable for any persons who may have to enter a confined space; if this is the case a CONFINED SPACE ENTRY Course is required.

Delegates do not require any previous experience.


At the end of this course delegates should:
  • Have an understanding of the requirements of the Confined Space legislation and the associated ACOP
  • be able to identify a confined space and its reasonable foreseeable risks
  • be able to identify dangers/hazards associated with confined spaces
  • have the knowledge and skill to select the appropriate methods of risk control
  • have knowledge of safe systems of work for entry/Permit to work
  • have an understanding of use of gas detection equipment
  • understand communication methods
  • have the ability to select the appropriate safety equipment that may be used when entering a confined space
  • understand diseases and personal hygiene issues associated with confined spaces
  • understand emergency procedures  


The course content covers:
  • confined space regulations 1997,(updated ACOP 2009) associated legislation
  • methods of risk control
  • risk assessment / permit to work
  • safe systems of work
  • atmospheric monitoring
  • health hazards and control
  • PPE, safety equipment and pre-use checks
  • Emergency procedures


3 hours