Electrical Maintenance Training

On Arrangement

Covering all aspects of electrical maintenance


To ensure that attendees:

  • Understand fundamental electrical circuit operation
  • Know the function and how to test a range of electrical components (motors, transformers, sensors, relays etc)
  • Are able to use multimeters and clamp meters in fault-finding activities
  • Are able to follow electrical drawings
  • Have an improved ability to carry out electrical fault-finding
  • Are fully aware of safe working practices including isolation and safe live working


The course content will cover:

1. Electrical Quantities, Units and Circuit Principles

  • voltage, current, resistance, power
  • units of measurement of the above
  • fundamental circuit concepts and common electrical problems
  • understanding electrical supply against energy requirements

2. Electrical Supplies

  • DC, single and three phase (rms, frequency, phase)

3. Electrical Protection

  • earthing, protective devices (fuses, MCBs, RCDs)

4. The Dangers of Electricity

  • electric shock, arcing, burns
  • applying the basic principles to a hazardous situations
  • examples of electrical accidents and prosecutions

5. Safe Working Practices

  • the procedures for safe and reliable electrical isolation
  • the essential requirements when working around live equipment

6. Electrical Connections

  • types of connections
  • the importance of correct electrical connections

7. Electrical Test Equipment

  • digital multimeter, clamp meters, insulation testers
  • using meters to test a variety of electrical components

8. AC Motors

  • construction, operation and testing of three phase motors
  • star and delta connections
  • starting considerations and direction control
  • principles of inverters

9. Control Circuits

  • control circuits, contactors, relays, sensors, transformers

10. Electrical Drawings

  • circuits and symbols
  • use of actual drawings

11. Fault Finding Techniques

  • common faults, techniques for locating
  • understanding symptoms and cause
  • use of test equipment


2 days