Fire Safety Awareness in Residential Care Homes

On Arrangement

This Residential Care Home Fire Safety Training course is designed to provide all care home staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to adequately undertake their roles and responsibilities. 
Delegates gain practical experience of operating portable fire extinguishers to attack small fires when safe to do so. 
The course material and handouts are used in conjunction with the Department for Communities, Local Government (DCLG) Fire Safety Guides and the current legislation.


This course is aimed at all employees who work in Residential Care Homes and have a designated fire safety responsibility in the event of a fire, including:
Heads of departments 
Fire wardens or marshals 
The material is suitable for delegates with no experience in Fire Safety, although basic Fire Safety Awareness level of training would be an advantage.


  • Have an awareness of current fire legislation 
  • Understand the significant findings of the previous fire risk assessment
  • Have knowledge of the typical role of a fire warden in the workplace 
  • Have an awareness of your key fire safety duties under the RRFSO, including: Fire Safety, Means of Escape, Fire Alarms, Log Book and Fire Notices 
  • Have an understanding of the modes of evacuation 
  • Develop skills to recognise and address human behaviour in a fire situation 
  • Have the knowledge and skill to undertake fire alarm testing, fire drills and to supervise emergency procedures 
  • Have an awareness of how to prevent fire or limit its impact 
  • Have the ability to identify fire hazards in the workplace
  • Understand Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEP)  
  • Have the ability to identify and use a range of portable fire extinguishers on live fires safely


  • review of modern fire safety law 
  • human behaviour in a fire 
  • basic principles of a fire risk assessment 
  • routine fire prevention measures 
  • modes of evacuation 
  • fire drills and pre planning 
  • firefighting equipment 
  • fire science 
  • theory of combustion 
  • extinguisher types 
  • principles of extinguishment


3 hours