Fire Team Training

On Arrangement

This 2 day course is intended to provide shift fire teams with the necessary knowledge and skill in the dangers of fire, how to put into practice safe fire fighting techniques and the correct use of on-site fire fighting equipment.

Delegates will gain practical experience of operating on-site fire fighting equipment including practical use of fire extinguishers/hose reels/hose lines and pumping from open water.


This course is aimed at all employees who are already members of in-house fire teams, or those employees who are about to join the fire team, to enable them to identify quickly what fires can be tackled and the safest approach to do so.

The emphasis is on teamwork and good communication.


  • A greater understanding of fire Safety awareness in the workplace, including hazard spotting
  • A greater understanding of basic fire fighting
  • An understanding of flashover and backdraught phenomena
  • Knowledge of the principles of extinguishment
  • Knowledge of practical extinguisher use
  • An understanding of hydraulics and water supplies
  • Knowledge of the hazards and risks involved with the use of on-site fire fighting equipment i.e. hose running, shipping a standpipe key and bar
  • Knowledge in handling a charged length of hose
  • A greater understanding of radio communications and terminology
  • Handling a charged length of hose out of control
  • Dealing with a burst length of hose


  • Changes to current fire legislation i.e. Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order and other relevant legislation
  • Fire hazards in the workplace
  • Basic Fire Fighting including the theory of combustion, the fire triangle, heat transmission (fire spread) and understanding of fire classes
  • Practical extinguisher use on live fires
  • Radio communications exercise
  • Practical exercises using on site fire fighting equipment
  • Defensive fire fighting techniques
  • Hose and hydrant training including current legislation, hazards and risks involved, control measures to be used, words of command, connecting and disconnecting hoselines, operating a branch, operating a hydrant, running out a length of hose, under running a length of hose, making up a length of hose, replacing a length of hose, how to deal with a branch out of control, hauling a line of hose and branch aloft, understanding simple hydraulics
  • Pumps and primers
  • Pumping from open water
  • An understanding of foam making generators


2 days (12 hours approx)