Hydraulic Safety Awareness

On Arrangement

Workers are exposed to hydraulic systems on many different levels. Many hydraulic incidents and fatalities are a result of people working around hydraulic systems without understanding the related hazards.
Hydraulic Safety: Exposure Level course provides an awareness of hydraulic hazards in the workplace. Special attention is given to the most common misconceptions including environmental health


For technical/non-technical staff, company administrative and support staff and those people who need an introduction to hydraulic systems and components at an appreciation level. 


  • Know the fundamental principles that underpin all hydraulic systems
  • Be able to read and interpret hydraulic circuit diagrams
  • Know the function of the critical system components
  • Know the need for contamination management at all times
  • Know the safe working practices associated with maintenance procedures 


  • Hose construction and components
  • Hose inspection techniques
  • Correct routing and protection of hoses
  • Hose failures (Energy, Temperature, Ignition and Injection)
  • Dangers of pinhole failures
  • Dangers of hydraulic oil injections
  • What to do if a hydraulic oil injection occurs
  • Dangers of total hose failure


3 hours