Petroleum Fire Safety

On Arrangement

This half day course will give the necessary knowledge and skill to those persons who are nominated as a competent person for the receipt of a petroleum delivery as required by the Road Traffic Regulations and HS(g)41.

Delegates will learn how to deal with emergencies and spillages of petroleum spirit, gas oil, diesel(derv).

The course material and handouts are used in conjunction with the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) Fire Safety Guides and the current legislation.


All employees who work on a licensed petroleum site or are involved with the transport and delivery of petroleum will benefit from attending this course.

The material is suitable for delegates with no experience in fire Safety, although basic Fire Safety Awareness level of training would be an advantage.


At the end of this course candidates will have:
  • An understanding of the legal requirements for a ???Competent Person???
  • An understanding of the site hazard zones
  • An understanding of how to receive delivery of petroleum products safely and complete the appropriate forms
  • An understanding of the product hazards
  • An understanding of other site hazards and ignition sources
  • An understanding of how to use fire fighting equipment competently
  • An understanding of how to carry out emergency actions for an accident/spillage/fire
  • An understanding of the legal obligations of contractors and the ???permit to work??? system
  • An understanding of the Fire & Rescue Services Licensing conditions


  • Current legislation
  • Hazard zone areas
  • Training, stock, monitoring, re inspections
  • General conditions
  • Flammable liquids & characteristics of petrol / fuel oils
  • Theory of combustion, how fire spreads, classes of fire and principles of extinguishment
  • Portable fire extinguishers
  • Practical extinguisher use on live fires
  • Delivery procedures
  • Emergency procedures
  • Written assessment
  • Post operative discussion and review


Half day (approx 3 hours)